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Urban Expression have been working with Sportsnet Holidays for a number of years, commissioned not only with design of the past 3 versions of the website, but also with the challenge of making recommendations that ensure our website is constantly “ahead of the game” in the eyes of the consumer. We are constantly surprised and delighted by the upgrades in functionality and design imposed by Urban Expression.

Being in the business of sports travel, we provide travel packages to events worldwide that are constantly changing. As such, we require not only a website but a dynamic web package that incorporates the ability to internally manage event and data changes swiftly. Urban Expression have certainly created a system for us that is both simple and seamless to use.

Recently, Urban Expression completed outstanding work on our website, and are now entering into development stages for the fourth version of the website, confident that Urban Expression will deliver once again.

Rob Cecconi
Executive Chairman & Founder

Window Cleaning Online
National Online Sales of Window Cleaning Products

We really were at a loss to know how to develop a website until we were highly recommended to Urban Expression. They simplified the stages and made us an interactive website that allows our customers the facility to purchase window cleaning equipment from our Melbourne store through the internet. It now earns our business a significant income beyond our shop takings. There have been no significant problems once the set up was completed. They showed us how to do our own product input so that we have total control. They continue to maintain the site.

Geoff Thorn, Manager

Innovations & Strategy

We had the great fortune of working with Urban Expression at a pivotal point in our company’s evolution. Not only were we launching our firm, we were also trying to define and communicate the essence of what Cogentum is all about. The guys not only captured this in a cogent manner, but delivered it seamlessly.

Michael Johnson, Director


A group of leading Australian Window Cleaners wanted a fully interactive website for the distribution of information in their industry. They turned to Urban Expression and over 6 months, their team developed the worlds best site for window cleaning. The interactive part allows for credit card membership, renewal, access , forum, uploading, downloading, searches etc...way beyond anything available worldwide on other window cleaning sites. The automated membership renewals is really successful. UE continues to maintain this site and quickly makes any changes required. We can highly recommend them to anyone requiring an interactive website.

Ian Martin, Secretary

Gone Boating
Australian Boat Safety and Trip Management
Aqueduct Heating Services
Hydronic Heating & Pool Heating
XYZ Innovation
3D Printing and Prototyping
Posh Travel - People On Spectacular Holidays
Baby Boomers Travel Company
Oz Cleaning Services
National Online Sales of Cleaning Products


Aqueduct Heating
Branding and Stationary

I Love Coupons

Minuteman - Hawthorn
Web Design